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• Real Black Eyes

  • Express innovative color liner with vivid, clear, natural deep black by once application

• Quick dry and skin affinity without smudge

• Long-lasting

  • Exceptional pigment type color eyeliner without dying and Long time use without

jamming of the content

• Low viscosity pigment stabilization system

  • High stability by hydrophilic coating of pigment

• Tank Type Container

  • The formula is filled in tank directly and long-time use without solidification or jamming

• Easy cleansing by warm water


Make sure to quickly and tightly close the cap after use to prevent dryness.
In case of correction, it is recommendable to use cotton swap due to fast dryness

Quantitative: 0.5 g
Visa No: 58807 / 12/ CBMP - QLD
Unit Price: 259.000VND

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