SKIN CONCEALER PENCIL Chì che khuyết điểm

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Là loại chì che khuyết điểm trong trang điểm, giúp che phủ các nốt như tàn nhang, nám, mụn ruồi hoặc các khiếm khuyết trên da như vết thâm, bọng mắt thâm, sẹo thâm…
Hướng dẫn sử dụng: dùng trực tiếp lên các khuyết điểm cần che

Quantitative: 0,3 gr
Unit Price: 129.000VND

Dual Fit Whitening Powder SPF50+/PA

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FEATURES: Dual Fit Whitening Powder SPF 50+/PA+++ makes 3D effect face expression with combination of Pact and Highlighter. Pact allows natural & excellent coverage with silky moist texture as well as tight adhesion and Highlighter gives long lasting airlight texture. It also has multi-functions of sunscreen (SPF50+PA+++), anti wrinkle, and whitening.

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly on the face with puff or brush after foundation or BB cream application. Apply part A on whole face and part B on the face where highlighter is needed.

Quantitative: 12 gr
Unit Price: 749.000VND


Product code : 880 94829 8110 2


BB Cream + Primer + SPF 30 PA++, A multi-function(SPF30 PA++, Whitening, Anti-aging, Moisturizer, Makeup base, Foundation, and Primer). State of art and intelligent product that combines keeping moist rich  and luminosity of a BB cream with the performance of a primer. Adenosine, Niacinamide, and Collagen gives extra skin treatment regarding whitening and anti-aging


After skin care step, apply proper amount on your face and spread evenly

Quantitative: 40 g
Unit Price: 779.000VND


Product code : 880 94829 8118 8

Multi-functional sun pact with natural mineral powder. Vegetable-origin Licorice extract gives potent whitening effect with maximum safety, anti-bacterail, anti-inflammatory, and soothing effect. Aloe soothing powder treat your UV fatigued skin healthy and vivid and also collagen maximizes moisture level and keeps the skin healthy and elastic


Place a cotton puff to the powder and evenly apply on your face and neck.

Quantitative: 12 g
Unit Price: 779.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6137 5

Air Cushion Pact offers a thin protective barrier for a flawless finish for long time. Air-Light Film Forming System completes flawless makeup with hydrating texture. This non-drying pact provides intensive moisturized feel and promotes clear and lively skin tone. Good for even outdoor activities as it provides powerful sun protection of SPF50+/PA+++ and brightening effects.


Press the sponge with a puff to place some pact and carefully pat on your face in order of cheeks-forehead-nose-chin.

Quantitative: 12gr
Unit Price: 659.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6061 3

The “three in one” product not only provides nutrients to the skin, but also provides maximum coverage the skin’s surface and helps protect skin.

PEARL LOOSE MINERAL POWDER with an optical powder layer pearl helps adjust the brightness on the skin and balance skin pigment to give natural beauty look in any corners. Loose Powder with ultra-fine pearl powder particles helps diffuse the brightness on the skin to flatter radiant look crown on face. Simultaneously blends into the skin perfectly to help cover defects on the skin. Besides, powder formula with sebum absorption system gives a fresh bright skin all day long.

Quantitative: 30gr
Unit Price: 659.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6060 6

ULTRA SILKY LIQUID FOUNDATION SPF 15 helps absolutely to cover imperfections on the skin in the most natural way.
Silicone Network System Technology enables the skin look brightening all day long, gives a extremely soft and velvety texture. Having long lasting effect with silica-coated pigment.

Quantitative: 30ml
Unit Price: 570.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6062 0

Use EXTRA CREAMY COMPACT FOUNDATION every day for a pure, smooth white skin as crystal sun drops sparkling in the morning.

The features of this makeup powder is superior to the same type of products. Just applying Extra Creamy Compact Foundation after using makeup base, makeup foundation or skin care products, or even using it directly on face without a combination still gives a bright and smooth skin. At the same time combining with wet makeup cotton sponge has unexpectedly perfect foundation.

Quantitative: 13gr
Unit Price: 699.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6142 9


• Real Black Eyes

  • Express innovative color liner with vivid, clear, natural deep black by once application

• Quick dry and skin affinity without smudge

• Long-lasting

  • Exceptional pigment type color eyeliner without dying and Long time use without

jamming of the content

• Low viscosity pigment stabilization system

  • High stability by hydrophilic coating of pigment

• Tank Type Container

  • The formula is filled in tank directly and long-time use without solidification or jamming

• Easy cleansing by warm water


Make sure to quickly and tightly close the cap after use to prevent dryness.
In case of correction, it is recommendable to use cotton swap due to fast dryness

Quantitative: 0.5 g
Unit Price: 259.000VND


Product code : 880 94829 8117 1

Non-smudge super washable mascara even easily washable with warm water by state of art film coati formula syetem. A unique pigment developed exclusively by Cosmax also makes clear and vivid eye look while maintaing long lasting high curl formation. Honey Extract and Soja Seed Extract heplful for maintaning healthy condition of eyelash


1. After use, make sure securely tighten the cap to protect from drying out
2. Use warm water for cleansing.

Quantitative: 7 g
Unit Price: 439.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6064 4

Helps to improve the thickness, length and curvature of eyelashes effectively to own a glamorous thick lashes.

Curved brush tip is designed with high technology to match the natural curvature of the eyelashes. Mascara is a soft gel without causing clumping and makes the eyelashes more slender and natural. Waterproof formula protects the makeup from the water, sweat, and other things.

Quantitative: 7 ml
Unit Price: 249.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6063 7

Magic Multicolour Blush is made by Terra Cotta technology –the technology of heating powder in the burning furnace for many hours in order to make perfect and incredibly soft powder balls. The prominent point of MAGIC MULTICOLOR BLUSH is a wonderful collaboration between natural pearl powders and herbs to create subtle tones while maintaining the brightness of blush color.

A blush layer of skin tone and proper makeup will contribute to make your face brighter and more radiant.

Quantitative: 10gr
Unit Price: 659.000VND


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Son trang điểm dạng lì (matte) giúp trang điểm lâu trôi, bền màu cùng với các dưỡng chất dầu hạt Macadamia, Shea Butter và Collagen giúp mềm mượt môi
Hướng dẫn sử dụng: dùng cọ môi hoặc thoa trực tiếp trên môi. Để làm sạch tối đa nên sử dụng nước tẩy trang dành riêng cho môi

Quantitative: 3,5gr
Unit Price: 399.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6069 9

The product with the best three nourishing components gives seducing lips every day.

High-grade vegetable oil extracted from Macadamia nut has special effects for lip moisturizer with giving wet, smooth,and soft lips.

Vitamin E prevents dry & chapped lips, retains moisture, and provides nutrients for smoothly soft lips.

Vaseline produces a wet film on the lips to protect against hypohydration and gives a soft, smooth and plump look.

Quantitative: 5gr
Unit Price: 229.000VND


Product code : 880 77554 6066 8

Formulated with clear crystal and diamond powder creates an impressing color of WET SHINE DIAMONDS LIP COLOUR helping flatter attractive lips and reflects a gorgeous magic sparkling diamonds light on the lips.

Each lipstick colour is a mystical beauty of lips.


Quantitative: 3.5gr
Unit Price: 470.000VND


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Lip Brush: VND 78.000
Cheek Brush: VND 119.000

Quantitative: 2 sp
Unit Price: 197.000VND


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